scansione0018The activities of Sofia brothers began in 1970 with small works of bodywork and mechanics on small Fiat and other automakers.

We are three brothers, Joseph, Vincent and Angelo, super motor enthusiasts, racing and vintage cars.

At each restoration since the 70s, our little 500 have been numbered and cataloged all of your changes, accompanied by personal technical report, and accompanied by photographs to every advance of the restoration.

Foto gara formula Monza_Medie_m6Foto gara formula Monza_Medie_m2

In our sporting history, we built four racing cars, including one still in our possession, with a long racing history.

Our work since the seventies was always in restoring cars, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, and many other brands. But after several years of business, we are fully dedicated to the recovery and restoration of the small Fiat 500.

To date, we have restored 530″ Fiat 500 of each type, D L F R Wagon, derivatives and custom-built. A high number of restorations, I think perhaps the only ones in the world, so it can come right in the Guinness World Records.

IMG_7139We are famous all over the world, especially in Japan where between eighty and two thousand years we have shipped Fiat 500 custom-built and restored for each type.

Our fiat 500 are all over the world USA, Japan, Germany, England, France, Australia, identified by our progressive identification number of restoration.ScreenHunter_37 Feb. 16 15.24

Depending on on customer needs, we can make any kind of restoration, keeping, in all its parts, the car in all its originality; by bolts, to the color type of internal and external.

fase10We can widen the fenders (type 595 Abarth) without using any kit, but only with the skill of artisans tinsmiths dedicated over 40 years to the restoration and customization of these beautiful cars.

 We also specialize in the preparation of two-cylinder Fiat and Abarth engines, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, coupons and reviews.

Our spare parts warehouse, has it all, complete engines, transmissions, new body parts, accessories, has everything you are looking for your Fiat 500.